Sunday, March 7, 2010

To Marburger, to Marburger, to Find a New Friend

I've been going to the Big Show in Texas now for 20 years. I know this because the first time I went my baby girl wasn' t even a year old. She'll be 21 this May. My husband and I took our three little girls along with a red wagon and traveled the junking trail as it was back then. Huge then, or so we thought, nothing compared to the size it is today. Now my daughters are all grown and scattered across Texas, but we meet both weekends to have girl time. We don't always do it up and stay in a hotel... No, we're hard core junkers who sleep in our cars and trucks after partying at Junk Prom so that we can rise early to start shopping again on Friday morning.

I can remember when the Marburger show was just starting out. It was free admission with one tent filled with gravel and talking to the owners about their big plans to expand. It's really amazing what it has become and the diversity of the merchandise available.
I have a story about the queen of lace and grace, Magnolia Pearl. Two years ago, I bought one of her needle point bags at an auction here in San Antonio. It was different from the bags you see her making today. It had a beautiful needlepoint piece sewn on the front. My baby girl was so in love with this bag when I got it home. I took it with me to Warrenton that fall, because I was so proud to finally have a Magnolia Pearl bag. While shopping with my other two daughters at Marburger, Pearl's prince charming, John saw me walking down the aisle, and stopped me. He insisted that Pearl would want to see the bag. I'm thinking that it was kind of silly, because she sees her bags everyday., what made this one any different. I was excited to tell him the story of how I got it at an auction, when he said, oh, they already knew the story. We followed him to their lovely booth and when Pearl saw the bag, she immediately began to cry. We were puzzled. It seems that the estate that I bought the needlepoint bag from was Pearl's aunt's estate and she had made the bag especially for her aunt using a family needlepoint piece. It wasn't supposed to be included in the estate sale at all. They had been searching for the buyer since the auction, hoping the new owner would put it up for sale, but I wasn't selling it, I had wanted a Magnolia Pearl bag for so long, but I knew I really couldn't afford one. Well it was obvious that the bag should be returned to Pearl. I called my daughter who had really loved it and told her the story and we agreed that Pearl should have her bag without question. We made a trade that day for another needlepoint bag that I truly love. I don't always get to the Marburger show, and I hadn't intended to venture into the Magnolia Pearl booth that day, but it was meant to be, that John see the bag and it be returned to it's real home. Sadly, we didn't have the bag long enough to even a get a photo of it before we returned it. We weren't meant to be the owner, merely it's keeper until it was returned to it's true owner. Isn't it funny how things come back to you?

The best part was getting to meet Robin and John and their friends in such a special way.

Thanks Pearl and John for your kindness.

My daughters and I will be in Warrenton and Round Top this Spring and we're counting the days, until then. When you get to Marburger, be sure to stop into the magical Magnolia Pearl space and feel the love that grows there.


Cactus Creek said...

what a great story!! it was meant to be that you were the keeper of the bag... the only person who could lead it back home.

janet said...

that is such a sweet story! i am amazed on a daily basis at how small the world really is! and i love your sweet-tea necklace! i make and sell those in my space at Cole's! can't believe junkin' is just next week! i can hardly wait! thanks for stopping by my blog! hope to see you in warrenton!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...


I am sooooo sniffing as I read this...what a WONDERFUL story! Oh to be blessed with such an amazing find, then only to be blessed again knowing that it led you to Robin!!!! Magnolia Pearl!!!!
I do believe in miracles!!!!

Speaking of miracles, I'm so happy that you visited me so that I could find you!!!! I soooo wanted to see Magnolia Pearl in person but I left on Monday before they opened. So you finding me and me coming here was a treat in itself!!! hmmmm, I wonder if Robin's aunt had something to do with this encounter too? ;)

So glad to have met you Carol!

Charlene said...

This is such a sweet story!!!! Thank you for sharng this with us! Is the purse you showed the picture of YOUR new purse? I love your BLOG! I am so glad I found you. Charlene

Found Around said...

So gracious of you to return the bag. I know she was overjoyed! She is such a sweet person. God will repay you! Susan

Found Around said...

P.S. Is that a yard gate used as a headboard? Love it!

Rebecca said...

OMG What a wonderful story! It was my first time to Round Top this year and I met Robin and John. It was such a thrill and I had such a lovely time that I posted 4 times about my adventure.
I enjoyed your post so much

janet said...

okay, carol, i'm a little slow! i'm just realizing who you are and that i already know you and your beautiful girls! duh...blonde moment! oh yeah and that would be me who copied your necklace! anyway, so glad that you blog and would lovelovelove to read more from you!

Carol said...

Janet, now how small the world really is... Thanks so much for your sweet comments. The girls and I so love your booth in Cole's, it's our favorite at the Cole's show. I'm enjoying the little scalloped ironstone plates that I got from you this last time. And we love our flashcards.
See you soon.


Carol said...

To Charlene and Susan,

Charlene, yes the bag shown hanging on my bed is the bag that I got to replace Robin's aunt's bag. Actually, it belonged to another of Robin's friends who gladly gave it to me so that I could have a needlepoint bag. The generosity that flows around Robin is truly amazing. What wonderful giving friends she has. Susan, as for my bed, it's not an actual gate, but it looks like one. It's from Stanley furniture and I think it's called the Garden Gate bed. I love it. Thanks so much for your sweet comments.



The French Bear said...

Wonderful story, made me sweet of you to do that!!! You will be rewarded for sure sometime later in life!!!
Margaret B

June said...

Carol I loved this story!!! How amazing that John saw you. I do believe in divine intervention for sure now...
Thank you for coming by to see the peonies at my place.
I am delighted to meetcha! That was my best Texas talk...hehe

Rebecca said...

Hi Carol
Thanks so much for stopping by... I see I stopped by after Round Top last spring. I had such an amazing time and got to know Robin and John as I was with Jo Packham and she was shooting their home for Where Women Create for the Nov issue.
Have a great weekend
Rebecca said...

Wow, what a story. And how exciting to meet Robin Brown. She is such a fabulous artist:) Thank you for stopping by my blog. Brimfield is really so much fun. Dis you sell there or shop? We sold there last year and just shopped this year. We will go again in September. It will be much cooler than July;)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens said...

Hi Carole,
In answer to your question: Tinsel Trading Co. is in the HUGE tent at the beginning with all of the ladies who sell cottagy things. This year they had two huge tents back to back. One with vintage clothing and the other with cottagy things,ie purses,furniture,flowers,lampshades...If you have ever been there I will bet you know the tent. I am not sure of the field but will find out in Sept. Give me another shout out them so I remember to tell you:)I bought quite a bunch of flowers and she said if I went back on Saturday I could have bought boxes of them for $10.00!!!!!(a box)I couln't make it back but she gave me an awesome deal anyway. I hope you do make it next year. You will have such a great time:)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

The Brocantess said...

I love your story. I also agree completely....we are meerely caretakers of these lovely reminders of the past. Thank you for your comment as well. I may be headed toward Texas next year so stayed tuned :) By the way I am a San Antonio girl too ;) Lived there until my work took me to CA and then NY.

Privet and Holly said...

Hi Carol!
Loved this story
of "meant to be!"
I'm sure your kindness
at exchanging that
bag has come back to
you, two-fold! Thanks
for popping over to P&H.
I noticed that you left
your giveaway entry on
the wrong post; come on
back and re-enter on
the current one so that
when I assign numbers
you will be included : )
Happy Wednesday!
xx Suzanne

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

That's such a great story!
Robin really is the nicest person, isn't she?

And I'm so glad you made it out to the Accumulations show! Wish we could have met, maybe next time.

Have a great Sunday!

Roberta said...

Heartwarming story Carol. The Universe just knows! xo said...

Wow! That is the sweetest story ever! You are a total doll!!!!!It was meant to be:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

Great story! Oh, how I wish (i will) go to that show someday. I love Robin...have been following her for years. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Have a lovely Wednesday!

Cindy Craine said...

I just got goose bumps. I love going to estate sales and sometimes I find things and think, do they really want to sell this?? My favorite thing to look for are vintage wedding photos and it's amazing how many times the family doesn't care about them!! So for you to find such a treasure and to have the sweet heart to give it up is precious. But yes I will be there wollowing around in all the Magnolia Pearl I can afford! See you soon-cindy craine