Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh so dreamy

You've got to make your way over to Jennifer's blog, The Old Painted Cottage. She's is introducing us to Kimberley Fraser of Three Fine Grains newest creations. And Kimberley has so sweetly offered to share one of her bags with one lucky reader on Jennifer's blog. You've only got until Nov 6th., but don't wait, the photos are fabulous.

P.S. I've never done a blog post with a link so I'm not certain how to Link them. Please forgive me.




Lolo said...

Hi Carol!
So glad that you found me and my lil ol' blog :) Loved hearing about you and your girls - so glad that they share your love of vintage!!
Looking forward to chatting soon :)


ps - your holiday story is awesome :) Love Black Friday!! We are overnite campers too!

Gypsy Chic said...

Wow So Sweet I plan to go with my Daughter this year
she is all grown up and we have been going to the Worlds Longest Yard Sale every year...for the past several years it spans 400 miles.
Now she is getting married and moving to Texas
and we are starting a new tradition and go "The Farm". I'm going toshow her your post and maybe someday she willhave girls and make some great memories too.
Can't wait to Magnolia Pearl's Booth.
Thanks for the post. Gypsy Rose of Gypsy Chic Biz.
onGoogle's Blogster. said...

Hi Carol,
Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog:) If you haven't been to Brimfield yet you are in for some fun. It is huge and there are tons of treasures just waiting to be brought home. Hope you have a truck:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens